Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cross Country after-math!

I've moved and settled into a new province and can now take another step towards my future career!

I was on shaky ground for the first days, doing something like moving across the country by yourself can always leave you rattled! I wasn't feel to great for the first week cause of that, all new surroundings and uncertain future scared me shitless!

But after soul searching for a few days (and Sleeping! ) I came back to the realization that I was just settling my nerves!

Now I'm getting back in the swing of things and want to take the bull by the horns!
Got mah bus pass, gym pass, and Sketchbook! nothing more that I need!

Yes, my gym pass made it to the must haves, between stress eating and being overfed in my new living arrangements, I packed on a whopping TEN pounds in two weeks.

NOT COOL. Forget the scale number, the lack of exercise was lethal to my energy levels and peace of mind. I've been addicted to the gym for the past five years now, and like any addiction, I went through SEVERE Withdrawal symptoms.

(Imagine a hippo snapping a crocodile's back and then desecrating the remains...I was the crocodile)

Finally to wrap up my Funk, I developed an ear infection! (if I wasn't lucky enough as is!)

Thankfully the clinics are great up here, and I was in and out of with Antibiotics in hand in less than two hours!!

The Meds are doing wonders and I feel very optimistic about the couple of months!

I definitely want to blossom with the season come Spring!

That was quite the Ramble!

Until next time!


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