Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get It together Man!!

Man, it's been a busy two months. 

Time has been slipping through my fingers like wet sand, I blink and September is gone! I blink again and Suddenly October is half over and Hal-Con is next weekend! (And for once I am attending instead of making excuses!)

I've been trying to get my finances together for when I move to Toronto, and I am happy to announce that my drudge job is absolutely terrible, BUT I am getting many hours and tips on top of that! So it's literally paying off in the end! 

Over all I haven't been doing much else but working ten hour days, and sleeping. I fit in some gym time when I can so I don't become a Total write off, BUT for the most part it's been, Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

On that note, I haven't been as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I normally feel lately! Eating junk food isn't helping, but overall I've been exhausted and zombie like, feeling like I could take a 2hr nap immediately after waking up in the morning. 

I believe the culprit is my thyroid! I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, nothing serious, very treatable, and extremely commonplace in my family, as treatment you take a pill each day to compensate for your lazy Thyroid! (Fucking Freeloader) 

 After Graduating school though, I was no longer a Health insured individual, and have no coverage for prescriptions as a result, this wasn't something that concerned me at the moment... But now I have been off my thyroid pills for about...Oh two months now, and the effect is starting to catch up.

Obviously not recommended, going without the medication for extended periods can mess you UP.

Hence, I've been feeling out of whack and a bit bummed lately. Not Cool thyroid, not cool.

Hope the internet will bear with me during this time. I swear I'm getting my shit together!! 

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