Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ketchup Bottle

So another year flown by and I'm left scratching my head wondering what on earth I did with my time.

I have never felt time slip by as fast as this semester has. As soon as January hit it felt like someone threw me on a high speed tread mill and I haven't stopped since.

On the plus side I have never felt more excited to for an excuse to tackle butch ladies to the ground than how I feel right now. Rugby season is right around the corner and I am more than ready for a ventilation for my pent up Animator stress.
I've actually started getting extreme pains in my neck from being glued to a pixelated screen for the last month non stop.

I think the worst part of this whole time is that frustrates me the most is that during these past few months, I have drawn, NOTHING. other than the mandatory assignments that will let me pass go and collect 200$ I have completely sucked dry my inspiration, and I feel as though my talent is oozing down a drain much like my often cheap dinners these days.

I feel I have grown a lot from this Program and I wouldn't change it for the world, but man, the toll it takes on your Health is pretty intense.
I absolutely ADORE animating and being an animator more than I dreamed possible to love a vocation, but what it has been physically doing to me makes me need a game plan for future stress relief.
Know what would be awesome? A personal masseuse, well worth the money I would pay would that be.
Well that's all the damage I'm gonna do for right now, on a closing note, my kitten is eating her kitty litter again.

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